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Electric Vehicle Servicing

Considering purchasing a fully electric vehicle? Here’s some things you might like to know first…

Electric vehicles or EV’s are still fairly new to Australian roads, however it is expected that the number of models available to choose from will increase rapidly as technology and infrastructure develops.

In fact, many vehicle Manufacturers have committed to swapping their production of petrol and diesel cars to electric and hybrid versions to meet emission targets and Government regulations banning or limited the traditional combustion engine in countries across the world.

What is an electric vehicle?
An electric vehicle, or EV as they are known, run on power stored in rechargeable batteries. EV’s must be recharged as required to keep the vehicle operational.

What types of electric cars are there?
There are a few different types of electric vehicle (EV). Some run purely on electricity, and then there are hybrid electric vehicles that can run on petrol or diesel.

What is regenerative braking?
Regenerative braking is where your EV’s kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy during braking and stored in the batteries.

Do electric cars need servicing?
Yes, just like any vehicle, your electric car still needs servicing. However, as a complex piece of technology you need experts with the right training and equipment to properly service your vehicle.

How often does my electric car need to be serviced?
While there are fewer moving parts in the engine, your electric vehicle still needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it’s safe and reliable.

What gets serviced on my electric car?
Items like brakes, cabin air filters, shock absorbers, and essential fluids like brake fluid and coolant all need to be regularly checked, as do steering and suspension systems. Like any vehicle, items like tyres, wiper blades and lights also need to be checked and replaced as necessary.
In an electric vehicle the battery plays an important part and should be regularly checked and replaced as needed.
If you are driving a PHEV or hybrid, with petrol or diesel capabilities, there will be more service parts and lubricants required.

Does my electric car need oil? Traditional engine oil or transmission fluids are not required for pure electric cars.

What sort of battery does my electric car need?
This will vary depending on the model vehicle, however battery packs for EV’s are model specific, so you need an expert to install them. Battery life for EV’s varies greatly from model to model and should be taken into account when selecting a model to suit your family.
It’s important to note that extreme caution should be exercised around these complex battery systems, and that specialised safety equipment is required to carry out any work on EVs.

What does it cost to service my electric car?
Costs to service your electric vehicle vary greatly depending on make and model and if it is a regular logbook service or if more extensive repairs are required.

Who can service my electric car?
Just like with any modern vehicle, you need to choose the right workshop with qualified, trained technicians who have access to up to the minute diagnostic information and the right equipment and quality parts to service your EV.
Electric vehicles hold high voltages and specific PPE, special insulated tools and training are required to service them safely due to the risk of electrical shock.
Your local Repco Authorised Service centre has access to Repco AutoTech for the very latest in training and information and quality Repco parts and lubricants.

So, if you’ve got questions about purchasing or servicing an electric vehicle, your local Repco Authorised Service centre can help.

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