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Lights, Wipers and Accessories

Can you see clearly now the rain has gone? Wiper blades, lights and accessories are our bag.

Modern cars are complete with a myriad of accessories, from headlights and windscreen wipers through to automatic mirrors and reverse parking cameras. All of these measures are in place for your safety and convenience so although needing a repair on your car accessories can be inconvenient, the situations not fixing them lead to, can be life threatening.
You may not know you have a blown light or a broken indicator but you will know if any of the other accessories on your car are broken or malfunctioning.

If you notice your wiper blades are less than optimal or your headlight is blown, it is important to get them replaced because visibility in bad weather or bad light is essential to safe driving

If you bring your car into Repco Authorised Service for a minor fix to an accessory, we will also check over your vehicle to ensure there are no other issues. No matter what part you are after, we can source it and repair your car.

For hassle free accessory repair and replacement drop into your local Repco Authorised Service, we will get you on the road again in no time.

Nationwide warranty

For your next accessory replacement or repair, visit your local Repco Authorised Service centre. We pride ourselves on our quality and personal service and offer anationwide warrantyto back it. Not to mention we have over 500 stores throughout Australia so there is always a Repco Service centre near to help.

Lights, wipers and accessories - everything you need to know and more

Before you head off on a big driving trip it is important to check over your car to make sure all the basics are under control. Something as small as dim headlights or ineffective wiper blades can make driving harder and much more dangerous. At Repco Authorised Service we can provide a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection on your vehicle before you go. This inspection is a thorough and rigorous test of a vehicle's condition before you embark on your next long trip. It is worth it for peace of mind and the safety of your passengers. Find your local Repco Service centre and book a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection today.