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LPG Conversion and Installation

Want more bang for your buck? Save on fuel expenses with an LPG conversion and installation.

Converting your car to LPG will save you money. LPG is typically at least 50 percent cheaper than other fuels, allowing you to recover the cost of an LPG installation in a relatively short time.

For example, if LPG averaged 65 cents per litre, while unleaded petrol averaged $1.25 per litre, an average Commodore or Falcon travelling 15,000 kilometres per year would save around $24 per week on fuel. This amounts to approximately $1250 per year.

A typical, straightforward LPG conversion can cost from $1,500 to $4,500 depending on the type of vehicle. Each vehicle will have different requirements, so drop into your local Repco Authorised Service for a tailored quote.

When you bring your vehicle in for an LPG conversion and installation there is little that needs to be changed in the way of the car’s current structure but the following will be added;

If you are interested in an LPG conversion and installation call your nearest Repco Authorised Service today.

Nationwide warranty

There is no better place to have your LPG conversion and installation done because at Repco Authorised Service we back all our work with a nationwide warranty. We have over 450 workshops nation wide so you will never have to go far to find a Repco Authorised Service centre, if you have any trouble, when you are a long way from home.

LPG installation and conversion - everything you need to know and more

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas. LPG is a hydrocarbon fuel, its main components being propane and butane. LPG is liquified from its gaseous state using moderate temperature but when it converts back to gas it expands to 270 times its volume in liquid.
LPG is a naturally occurring by-product recovered during the extraction and refinement of natural gas and petroleum.
LPG, also referred to as autogas, is a genuine alternative to petrol, which is much cheaper and with reduced emissions, also better for the environment.

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