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Safe-T-Stop brake testing

Specialist braking and suspension testing

Does your car rock and roll when you corner?  Not braking the way it used to? A Safe-T-Stop test will soon have you back on the right track.

Your car’s braking and suspension play a vital part in making sure that you can stop quickly and safely.  Repco Authorised Service centres take your safety very seriously.  This is why many of our independent mechanical workshops are also Safe-T-Stop testing centres. 

You can trust your family’s safety to a Safe-T-Stop test.  It provides an added safety check that goes beyond a general inspection and road test to scientifically test your braking capacity and ensure maximum stopping performance. 

A Safe-T-Stop test is carried out on the electronically accurate PlateTronic test equipment.   Safe-T-Stop test lanes measure and simulate a vehicle’s brake performance, just as it would happen in an emergency stop on the road! 

Why a Safe-T-Stop test?

Along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vehicle will stop straight and in the shortest possible distance in an emergency, having your braking and suspension system in peak operating condition also saves you money by reducing tyre wear and tyre drag, both of which can increase fuel consumption.

A Safe-T-Stop check will give you an accurate and detailed printed report that will enable your local Repco Authorised Service centre to advise you on any critical adjustments that should be made.

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