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Timing Belt Replacement

Don’t waste time worrying about a broken timing belt. We will keep your timing belt on track.

A properly functioning timing belt does just that, keeps time. A damaged timing belt puts the synchronisation of the engine at risk, which could lead to piston damage and worse.
Diagnosis of a timing belt problem requires inspection of the belt, which is usually protected by a cover under the hood of your car. The most obvious signs of a problem are damage such as cracking, elongation, the edges wearing down or the teeth stripping.
Regular servicing and checks to the timing belt will ensure problems are detected before disaster occurs and the timing belt breaks completely. This would cause severe damage to your car.
Most manufacturers recommend replacement of the timing belt between 60,000 to 100,000km but your local Repco Authorised Service will always keep an eye on the condition of your timing belt because replacing it is a lot more cost effective than having to repair the damage caused by a broken timing belt.

Do you suspect your timing belt needs some attention? It is time to visit your local Repco Authorised Service centre for a thorough inspection. Make an appointment today.

Nationwide warranty

At Repco Authorised Service, we offer anationwide warrantyon our servicing, repairs and parts because we know we provide a quality service and use only the best products. We have 450 stores Australia-wide so you are never far from a Repco Authorised Service.Book your next servicewith us and enjoy the protection of our Nationwide Warranty.

Timing belts - everything you need to know and more

The timing belt is generally located at the front of a vehicle's engine. Also known as a camshaft drive belt or cam belt, timing belts are toothed rubber belts used in the majority of vehicles on the road today. Propelled by the rotation of the crankshaft, the timing belt drives the camshaft, moving the valves of the engine. Synchronisation of these parts ensures the engine valves open and close at the appropriate times, maintaining the internal combustion of the engine.

If you want to learn more about timing belts; watch our auto facts video about timing belts below or read up on timing belt maintenance.

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