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Vehicle Servicing

Just like you, a car runs better when it is well looked after.

A regular car service will help ensure your car is in perfect working order, running smoothly and efficiently, saving you money on petrol and increasing the life and worth of your vehicle.

Vehicle wear and tear is inevitable. Regular car servicing is all about preventing large, potentially expensive issues from occurring. Thus, it is important to attend your regular service intervals, even when your car is running smoothly. This will ensure everything is working optimally and any potential problems are picked up before they happen, saving you time and money.

Our technicians are qualified to carry out service and repair work on all makes and models using quality parts and the latest diagnostic equipment. logbook service, major service, minor car service, new car servicing without jeopardising your warranty - our workshops can do it all. And our work is backed by the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty.

Come and visit the car servicing experts at your local independent Repco Authorised Service. You can rest assured that car service work performed by our Auto-Tech trained staff will keep your car in top condition.

New Car? No Worries!

Dealerships cannot maintain a monopoly on new car servicing.  It is your car and you have the right to choose who carries out service and repair work. Your right to a warranty is protected under Australian Consumer Law.

Every Repco Authorised Service centre is fully qualified to service your in-warranty car and maintain the log book servicing schedule. You’ll enjoy the value for money and friendly service you'd expect from a local and trusted independent service centre, plus the peace of mind of our nationwide warranty.

Why Choose Repco Authorised Service

We stand for trust, experience and knowledge

Reliable car servicing that keeps you safe

We guarantee our work with a Nationwide Warranty

Over 500 workshops nationwide

Australia’s largest network of independent workshops

New vehicle servicing

Fully qualified to service your new car and maintain your log book schedule within the warranty period.

The local repairer you know and trust, backed by Repco

As a Repco Authorised Service centre, your local mechanic is part of a nationwide chain.

Quality parts

We use and recommend high quality parts and lubricants from leading manufacturers.

Auto-Tech Trained

Auto-tech provides continual training, so our service technicians can stay up to date with modern vehicle technology.

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With over 500 service centres Australia wide, we have you covered no matter where you live or travel.  You can find your local Repco Authorised Service centre here.

Use our location search to find your closest service centre

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