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Oil Change

Ever heard that oil is the lifeblood of your car? It is true. Don’t wait too long for oil and lubrication changes and oil filter upgrades.

Put simply, oil reduces friction between mechanical parts in a car and thus reduces wear. Oil forms a barrier between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls, as well as working to help cool engine parts. You will be able to tell if your oil needs a change by inspecting the oil tank dipstick. If the oil is healthy, it will be light brown in colour and clear. When oil is darker or has flecks in it or smells burnt, it is time to book on into a Repco Authorised Service centre.

Replacing engine and ancillary oils regularly ensures no impurities can build up. Over time this build up can become abrasive or less effective and cause damage to your engine and car. When you bring your car into a Repco Authorised Service centre for an oil change we will drain the oil, replace the oil filter and fill the engine with a suitable high quality oil.

Oil and lubrication changes are a prime example of maintenance on your car that won’t cost the earth but will save your wallet in the long term. At Repco Authorised Service we know how to look after your car’s oil and lubrication needs, so book an appointment today!

New car? No worries

Every Repco Authorised Service Centre is fully qualified to service your in-warranty car and maintain the log book servicing schedule. You’ll enjoy the value for money and friendly service you expect from a local and trusted independent, combined with the reassurance of the nationwide warranty backing provided by Repco.

Oil change, oil filter change - everything you need to know and more

Which oil is right for your car?
Engines are sophisticated and manufacturer's specify certain grades of oil for different models. For this reason we recommend popping in to your local Repco Authorised Service for your next oil change so we can select the premium choice for your car.

Our choice
Penrite Oil Company are an independent Australian owned business, who produce a wide range of lubricants for every vehicle type, including an excellent range of fully synthetic oils for today's modern vehicles.

Synthetic oil
The benefits of a synthetic oil over a mineral based oil is that it will provide greater protection against heat and engine deposits, ultimately reducing the possibility of premature engine wear and failure.

Oil filters
Oil filters are designed to trap foreign particles, ensuring only clean oil is able to circulate through the engine.
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